LIFE Groups: Where children learn about the Bible in a more intimate, "hands on" small group setting.  Our children's LIFE Groups use Bible Studies for Life curriculum. Bible Studies for Life takes the stories and teachings of the Bible and shows children how they relate to their everyday lives. Our leaders guide our children  to understand that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story, God’s story of redemption, meant to impact each child's life.

Children's Worship: A dynamic worship service with activities, music, games, videos, special guests, illustrations, and more! Each week children will encounter the relevance of God's Word put in terms they can understand, and more importantly, relate to their own lives.

For more information, contact:

Erin Hulsey, Children's Director

Worship for Life: Wednesday nights are awesome for kids at Mabel White! The Worship for Life curriculum assists in teaching the gospel of Christ to children. Throughout the program, children learn Bible verses and complete character building activities. They participate in games, worship, group interaction, community outreach, and life application of the gospel.

Wednesday nights are led by individuals with a passion for sharing their faith with children. We offer fun, friendship and serious Christian teaching that supports, compliments, and builds on the teaching children receive at home. Living their faith can be difficult for children, especially as they grow. We provide a comfortable and fun environment for kids on every spiritual level to learn and grow

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LIFE Groups // 9:30 AM
Worship // 10:45 AM

The children's area is the place to be if you are a kid at Mabel White Baptist Church!


WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (1st - 5th Grade):
Worship for Life // 6:30 PM