If you have a need, a question or a ministry opportunity for the deacons, please email: Deacons@mabelwhite.org

Charles Gibbs

Logan Hulsey

Jerry Maxwell

Mike Odom

Jason Pace

Gary Ryle

Jim Suit

Pete Allen

Butch Allgood

Henry Almand

Pete Ard

Brandon Caves

Emmett Darity

Hardy Dumas

Robert Farr

Michael Fuller, Chairman

Johnny Cox, Chairman Emeritus


 Dr. Lee Sheppard, Chairman 

John Gibson

Stan Hutchinson

Andy Solomon

Bob Thompson

Brent DeVane

Andy Pounds 

If you have a need, concern or question you would like brought before the Elders of this church, please email: Elders@mabelwhite.org


Mabel White Baptist Church seeks to be a New Testament Church committed to the teachings of the Bible. No other authority or tradition is to guide the means, faith, or structure of the Lord Jesus Christ's Church. The pastoral and administrative structure for a New Testament Church is to utilize a plurality form of leadership. Therefore, the government of Mabel White Baptist Church, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, will be vested in the Elders.

Deacons are the servant-ministers of the Church. Their purpose is to relieve Elders of the multitude of practical duties of caring for the flock. Deacons are to give their primary attention toward caring for the congregation's physical welfare. They are to be an example of commitment, unity, and harmony in their service.

Mabel White Baptist Church is blessed to have a number of men serving in both these capacities.